Movement Research Lab. "What makes us move?"

This Lab aims to research and discover the action of moving of the self.
After having a short warm up , we'll make some exercises based on the theme of the week. Later each participant will have free time to improvise and discover new movements.
Different themes will be divided into different weeks.
Our first theme will be the 'Impulse'.

-What makes us move? Where and when exactly the movement starts?-


With Gizam Akman

Who is Gizem?

Graduated from Mimar Sinan Conservatory Contemporary Dance department (İstanbul/Turkey) Gizem continued to work as a dancer. She has been giving workshops on Contemporary Dance Technique, Improvisation and Movement Research. Working as a Butoh Dancer since 13 years with Tetsuro Fukuhara and has joined and created various performances and assisted workshops on Space Dance, New Butoh.
She has also been working as an Actress since her early ages. Her last piece called "19 Days Gezi Park: The Dream and the Trauma of the Revolution" was premiered 2014 in Frankfurt/Germany. She is deeply involved in Music. She had participated in various bands projects as Vocalist.

2016-2017 Completed Physical Theater Programme in Berlin still continues her projects and works as a Performing Artist in these different fields. Moving, dreaming, searching, observing...

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