Artistic Creation

Our art workshops have been introduced as a way to promote alternative healing through

the arts. Children from war-torn territories have the opportunity to explore art therapy through exercises and projects aimed to encourage the development of dreams, hopes, and aspirations. The Space –Berlin e.V. provides weekly art sessions including: screen printing, post card crafting, stamp-carving, abstract painting, puppet making, and water coloring projects. Once these projects are completed, they are showcased in an art show that is open to the public.


The art workshops encourage young adults and children to engage in a field of communication that transcends lingual and cultural boundaries. The workshops also provide a safe space for students and children to share their stories through a creative outlet. As an effort to connect the children to the countries they have fled, students are given the option to mail these post cards and projects to other children in their home countries. The mail exchange program acts as a global effort in spreading action, support, and art as a form of healing and union. 




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