Artistic Creation

Our art workshops have been introduced as a way to promote alternative healing through

the arts. Children from war-torn territories have the opportunity to explore art therapy through exercises and projects aimed to encourage the development of dreams, hopes, and aspirations. 

Musical Collaboration

The Space – Berlin e.V. offers a weekly jam session that allows for the creative collaboration

between Berlin musicians and new residents. These musical exchanges are open to the community and have successfully helped in the artistic integration of many creatives from various countries. 

Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness

Our initiative provides free yoga, meditation and fitness classes for the community. Mothers,

working students, and new residents are invited to participate in yogic practices as a creative and alternative approach to healing and spiritual well-being. 

Community Film Screenings

The Space – Berlin e.V. offers outdoor movie screenings that showcase the films and artistic

productions of film makers, documentarists, and international artists that seek to share a deeper understanding of the current social-political climate.  

Talk – Lokal: Language and Cultural Exchange

These bi-monthly events encourage language exchange at a beginner, intermediate, and

proficient level for new residents, students, and Berlin expats alike.  

Cultural Food Exchange

Every week, The Space – Berlin e.V. provides an open community BBQ and community

potluck. All participants, residents, and community members are invited to partake in various food workshops and cultural food exchanges 

Community Gardening

Community gardening has offered a holistic approach to educating the community, new

residents, and program participants, alike, on the importance of green efforts and sustainability. 

Movement Research Lab

This Lab aims to research and discover the action of moving of the self.
After having a short warm up , we'll make some exercises based on the theme of the week. Later each participant will have free time to improvise and discover new movements.

In Cooperation with ..

Berlin Mondiale

Supporting intergenerational and interdisciplinary art projects in the context of migration, forced displacement and exile.

Unsere Experten unterstützen Sie im Bereich Management und Corporate Governance.


A place of dialogue and networking in the field of building development around the former flower wholesale market in Southern Friedrichstadt, Berlin Kreuzberg


Social and cultural institutions and associations, artists' collectives, architects, foundations and associations the core group of the initiative, also as a registered cooperative, ZKB meeting Berlin eG - Cooperative for urban development.

Sonntagsbureau - AGB

Is a freelance artist and organizes the cultural program in the America Memorial Library every Sunday.

KiJuKuZ Alte Feuerwache e.V.

Is a neighborhood center; a meeting point. A place for many people who live, work, study or spend their leisuretime in the area. 

Kreuzberg hilft 

"Doing nothing is not an option," the desire to concrete and straightforward to support the refugees to Berlin local people and thus created Kreuzberg help .


Im Garten

Im Garten is a social, cultural space open for all. It's a place to grow food and ideas.

Penthaus für schöne Formate

With the means of visual and performing arts and the urban ecology, is to explore the transformation of urban culture and urban nature and sustainable design by strengthening the cultural and ecological diversity in municipalities

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