The Space Berlin e.V. is a cultural venue that supports the arts in all aspects. Our mission is to cultivate a culture of coexistence, where art and music can serve to transcend cultural and lingual barriers. The Space Berlin offers a variety of creative workshops, language exchange and collaborative music events. Community members, musicians, artitsts and participants of all backgrounds have the opportunity to share their own talents, culture, and ideas to others in community. Local and international artists are invited to host and present their ideas and workshops at the venue, as well. We welcome all new and old residents of Berlin to join us as we collaborate and create together!

The Space Berlin e.V. ist ein offener sozialer und kultureller Treffpunkt, der die Talente der Neu- und Altberliner*innen unterstützt und fördert. The Space Berlin bietet den Raum für die Schöpfung und Darstellung. Er ist ein Ort, wo wir gemeinsame Zukünfte schaffen, Veränderungen zelebrieren und neue Möglichkeiten teilen.

المساحة  هو فضاء ثقافيّ، يمنح الفنانين والموسيقين في برلين فرصة عرض وتقديم أعمالهم للجمهور. مهمتنا هي منح مساحة لحوار الثّقافات بين سكان المدينة، ولكل فرد الفرصة للمشاركة في ورش العمل المخصصة للجمهور، أو المبادرة لتقديم ورش عمل في الحقول الفنية والثقافية المتنوعة التي يعمل بها 


We understand Circus as a unity of diversity. Juggling, dance, theater, music and acrobatics come together to hold space for a collaborative creation as well as an individual expression. In Circus everyone is welcome and respected fully as the person they are. In this lies the potential to create, learn, move and have fun together. Out of this unity something new can grow that moves, inspires and gives hope to many people.


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